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A Very Important & Urgent Prayer Request

Update: It may not be as dire as we thought.

Dear Friends,

The following prayer request has been circulating among some of my friends, and it's urgent enough to warrant posting here as well:

I am writing this to you to pass on a very special prayer concern for a wonderful, young Christian woman, Amanda (19 years old). Amanda is a regular at our Friday night St. Titus fellowship; and she now carries a very heavy burden for her own health (her life actually) and for her concerned friends and family. This is all explained in the email from Andrew, another St. Titus regular and one of our fine R.I.T. men. I cannot express how much I esteem and respect both Andrew and Amanda. So, please read the following prayer request from Andrew and pray.

Brother and Sisters,

Many of you know Amanda from St. Titus on Friday nights. Amanda has been having problems with a heart condition known as pericardial disease. This disease is currently unable to be treated because it involves not only her pericardium, the membrane around the heart, but also her left ventricle.

She is able to get around well part of the time. At other times though, particularly at night time, she suffers from episodes of terrible muscle contractions all over her body, dizziness, an incredibly high heart rate, and bruising on her chest, arms, and neck. Because she can not hold down any food despite how hungry she is, she is also losing weight.

She has seen the cardiologist and other doctors at Strong Memorial Hospital and Rochester General. Last Wednesday (19 September), the doctors told her that there was nothing they could do except ease the pain with certain medication. Her condition is a terrible strain on her body, and her episodes are becoming more frequent, and they are expected to continue to become more frequent over the next few months.

That day, her doctor called her in. He told her that in her current condition, she has about six months to a year to live. Since then, she has been given an even shorter time frame of three months...

Amanda is in dire need of our prayers. There is always room for a miracle, yet at the same time we must acknowledge that none of us knows the Will of God in this, except that anything He permits is for a greater good to be accomplished. In His hands we have nothing to fear. A small ray of hope has come in the form of a potentially available medication. The doctors discovered that this medication was available this Friday (21 September), and hopefully, this medication will work. However, this medication will take about a month to get to her and the doctor is concerned lest it trigger a heart attack.

For our friend, Amanda, let us link our prayers together as the Christian community that we are, as she lifts up her prayers for all of us. Let us pray:

  • For her doctors, that they continue to search for alternative treatments and persevere in doing so;

  • For her medication, that it both arrives here swiftly and quickly and is effective;

  • For her family, that they hold up well, trusting in the Lord, and doing all that they can for Amanda; and

  • For Amanda herself, for her health, her spiritual fortitude, and for her to keep her eyes on our Lord, no matter the weight of this cross.

There is not much material support that she needs right now; our prayers are most important.

Thank you all for your support and prayers for Amanda.

In Christ,

"The Earth could exist more easily without the Sun, than without the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass." -Padre Pio
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Oh wow! It things like that that make me feel bad for complaining about minor things. I'll definitely keep Amanda in my prayers.