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Naruto Cat & Balloon

Running (almost) anything on my Mac

So, I've been using the free Parallels Desktop trial for a few days.

I don't know if it would be worthwhile to regular people, but as a developer it's awesome.

I've been trying to get this Jython program to work in Windows, but it was failing mysteriously.

Then I realized I don't have Java installed (Jython is Python for the JVM) -- but if I'm right, I'll want to see that the error message gets better for non-java users.

So, I just finished making a "pre-java" clone of my Windows VM.

I could have 5 different configurations of Windows (and Linux) on this thing, and the only limiting factor is disk space! I can actually test programs on multiple platforms without having several computers -- without even having to reboot!


Any better or worse than VMWare Workstation? VMWare runs fast as heck on Linux, and not too shabby on Windows. Though the virtual disk management is rather slow and clunky...would be nice to see some compression options for virtual disk files.

Also, I've never seen understanbile Java error messages when a JVM is missing or misconfigured (esp. when the client is 32-bit and the JVM is 64-bit and vice versa).
I've only used VMWare Server, because it happened to be free. Performance-wise, I wasn't impressed, but IIRC Workstation is supposed to be snappier.

Then again, I tried running FreeBSD and Debian through VMWare on my "old" (P4 2.8GHz 1GB Ram) laptop, which was always plagued by one problem or another and was finally replaced by a Macbook when its power adapter died one evening (That was sometime this summer, and I just got it back yesterday). The point: I'm runing Parallels on a dual-core system, so I really couldn't compare speeds anyway.

That said, here's what did impress me about Parallels: It can walk itself through an Unattended windows install, and has its own set of drivers that allow one to treat Windows like any other app without any mouse-capturing. It also supports the niftier bits of OS X's trackpad, like 2-finger rightclicking. Setting up file-sharing between it and OS X is also a no-brainer. I haven't noticed anything running slowly, but I also haven't tried to play any games.

Just so you know, VMWare Fusion went into Public Beta on the Mac today. You might want to have a look at that, also, and see how it works for your purposes.

Virtualization on the Mac is still nascent, but it looks like we'll have some healthy competition going forward as the INtel-based Mac market grows. This is a far cry from the PowerPC days when all we had was that slow-as-molasses-in-January abomination known as Virtual PC. Ugh.
I just got the email from VMware about this and installed it myself. Seems to be pretty nice, even allows drag-and-drop between OSes! And best of all it's free. (at least for now, not sure about if they plan to make it that way after the beta period.)
you finally write in lj and this is what we get?